Club History

Burning River N Society started in the late 1960s with members primarily from the Cleveland, Ohio area. Today our members come from all over Northeast Ohio, from the Columbus area to communities around Youngstown and west toward Sandusky. We are an active club participating at most of the local train shows as well as traveling all over the state for larger multi-day shows. We also set up layouts at a variety of retirement communities and other civic events throughout the year. Our show season runs from about September through May and during that period our club attends events between 25 and 35 days a season. This keeps our members active and gives opportunities for everyone to participate. In addition to the train events, we hold social events for our members and through the slower summer months we have work session to improve our modules, make repairs, create new designs, and share and develop new skills.
The club operates several different layouts. We have a quick setup layout we refer to as our Ohio layout with each of four sides depicting different aspects of living in Ohio: agriculture, industrial, rural community, and natural resources. Our large layout is an NTrak modular layout with modules owned by both the club itself and by individual members. Each of the modules depicts its own theme and follows the NTrak international standards using the standard three main lines indicated by red, yellow, and blue designations on all modules with individual modules utilizing other sidings, mountain lines, or local access. By using modular designs, our club can build various displays with as little as 4 modules to very large layouts of hundreds of modules and everything in between. One of the main reasons our layouts are so popular with the public is because we can design so many different combinations of modules that we seldom have the same layout design more than once.

Club meetings are held on the third Friday of each month and rotate locations from different club members homes, our base hobby shop (Al's Trains and Hobby in Bedford), or other location of interest.

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